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Current projects








2008 & 2009



< 2007

Founder of
The Finishing School

Conceptualising and coordinating ‘Nu in Nederland & Hyves.nl/verkiezingen




Focus group coordinator of the monitoring project ‘At Home in Europe’ commissioned by the Open Society Institute



R&D offiicer and
editor in chief of Coolpolitics





Conceptualising and coordinating the spoken word events of the International Film Festival Rotterdam



Presenting MTV Coolpolitics






(also in 2006 en 2007)

Researching cultural diversity and the Dutch cultural organisations commissioned by Netwerk CS and LAgroup




Founder of Studio Zeitgeist







studio zeitgeist

Conceptualising and coordinating AlleeWonen strategy session



Organising committee

“A Soul for Europe; Berlin 2010”





Initiator and artistic advisor of/for the Coolpolitics Film Festival



Researching forms of discrimination of minority groups in the financial sector commissioned by the Social and Cultural Planning Office






Advising ‘The City’- European Centre for Culture and Debate in Belgrade





Co-host of TEDxRotterdam






Participating in a weekly
 radio show called Deining discussing “current affairs”




Editor of Hollandse Helden (Dutch Heroes), a study into the rise and fall of inspiring Dutch entrepreneurs





Host of the Education Agenda events, a project of

de Volkskrant





Advising the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment on the C,MM,N 2.0 project – Your mobility. Our c,mm,n future




Researching examples of European youth culture for the Coolpolitics Magazine





Conceptualising and coordinating Moneyfest – (research) project on youth and money matters - commissioned by RICH and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment



Coordinating and interpreting
 the European cool hunt, a
 research on the mentality of
 young people in Europe
 commissioned and supervised
by Carl Rohde




(also in 2004, 2006 en 2007)













Since 2005 several (public) (virtual) debates @ (expert)meetings/conferences/workshops organised by, amongst others, Pioneers.nu, Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs, Experimenta Design, Council of Europe, Dutch Design Fashion Architecture (DDFA), Night of the United Nations, Felix Meritis, National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development, Getronics, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, Dutch office of the European Parliament, Forum Cluj, Netherlands Competition Authority, Creative Company Conference, MySpace, Berlin Conference, Habbo Hotel, The Hague University, Nickelodeon, Witte de With (museum of contemporary art) and the city of Rotterdam & Amsterdam were moderated in Dutch or English by Farid Tabarki. In 2006, 2007 and 2010 he has presented MTV Coolpolitics: debates between leading politicians, including a debate broadcasted LIVE on TMF and MTV with the leaders of the PvdA, VVD, GroenLinks and D66, two days before the parliamentary elections of November 2006. In 2010 he welcomed reverend Jesse Jackson to a special edition of MTV Coolpolitics. A more elaborate profile can be found on Stirrr.


(TV) performances

MTV Coolpolitics (Dutch, 2006, 2007 & 2010 (Hyphen-Nation with Jesse Jackson & election special) – see above)

Speech about politics, culture and the economy at the Berlin Conference (English, november 2008)

Lecture on the mentality of (Europe’s) twentysomethings at “De Wereld van Morgen / Tomorrow’s World” organised by de Baak     

Interview on new media & youth culture (English, july 2008)
Presenting the WanneBeCool video clip on campaigning & climate change (Dutch, 2008)

Mini documentary on the future of work (Dutch, 2007)

Spraakmakende Zaken on Dutch identity (Dutch, december 2007)



Radio performances

Interview on Europe’s twentysomethings broadcasted by Deutsche Welle (German, November 2008)

Participated for a couple of months in a weekly radio show called ‘Deining’ discussing “current affairs” (Dutch, 2008)







Energie? Do it yourself! – published in Second Sight (2010)

Interview for “the wisdom of the crowd” article by Marnix van Gisbergen – published in Eye nr 10 (2009)

Nieuwe Start, de milieubeweging in 2025 – published in Terra (2009)

in search of: THE HEART AND MIND OF EUROPE’S TEENAGERS & TWENTYSOMETHINGS (reader Stuttgarter Schlossgespräch 2009)

 ‘Je bakt er niks van!’ – published in De Helling nr 3 (2008)

De ‘Jamie way’ – published in ‘Bewegende Beelden’, a book written by Adriaan de Man and others

Het is tijd voor toekomstvisies – published in de Volkskrant (11th of January 2008)

Coolpolitics Research blog (in English)

Stichting Coolpolitics blog (2007)

Report of the consultative meeting on ‘Access of young migrants and regugees to working life’,

 organised by the European Youth Centre Budapest of the Council of Europe (2007)

De ramadan pitch  - published in ‘De toekomst van God’, a book written by Adjiedj Bakas and Minne Buwalda (2007)

De Happy-generatie gaat moraal en spruitjeslucht scheiden – published in de Volkskrant (30th of December 2006)

Niet denken in hoog- en laagopgeleid – published in NRC Next (4th of September 2006)

Waarom Europa? – published on wethepeople.nrc.nl (4th of May 2006)

Zet zelf de eerste stap naar een ideale wereld – published in NRC Next (6th of April 2006)

De politiek van ku(ns)tmarokkanen – published in the catalogue of the exhibition ‘kunstmarokkanen’ (2005)

Waarom radicaliseerde Mohammed B.? – published on scienceguide.org (2004)

De onafhankelijkheid van Indymedia - published in De Helling nr 1 (2004)

Brandende kwesties, brief aan mijn vijand - published in the Vrij Nederland nr 5 (2004)

Techneuten hebben het voor het zeggen op de arbeidsmarkt - published in Sum/Orientatie Nieuws nr 3 (2003)

Weg met het calvinisme – published in the Vrij Nederland (20th of July 2002)

Bachelor-masterstelsel is chaotisch – published in the Vrij Nederland (9th of February 2002)




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